28/7/2017 Canberra Times Canberra greyhound industry knocks back $1 million transition offer

20/7/2017 Canberra Times Canberra Greyhound Racing Club starts defamation action against Shane Rattenbury

17/7/2017 Namoi Valley Independent Report makes sweeping recommendations for Greyhounds

9/7/2017 Canberra Times Canberra’s greyhound racing ban fosters community engagement with dog rescue group

4/7/2017 Canberra Times Greyhound racers to sue ACT government after move to ban industry

4/7/2017 ABC News Canberra greyhound racing club to fight ACT Government ban in court

26/5/2017 Cootamundra Herald ACT greyhound ban draws ire of Wagga club

26/6/2017 The Leader Wagga club vows to fight ACT’s greyhound ban 

25/6/2017 The Canberra Times Canberra Liberals urge ACT government to make greyhound industry report public

25/6/2017 The Canberra Times ACT greyhound racing ban won’t lead to rehoming surge, club says

24/6/2017 The Age NSW deputy premier John Barilaro slams ACT government decision to ban greyhound racing

24/6/2017 2Day FM ACT Government to ban greyhound racing by the end of June 2018

24/6/2017 The Australian ACT greyhounds ban to force racing 6km down the road

23/6/2017 The Canberra Times ACT government to ban greyhound racing in Canberra by end of June 2018

23/6/2017 The Canberra Times ACT Labor government faces union challenge to greyhound ban

23/6/2017 Nine News ACT plans to legislate ban on greyhound racing

23/6/2017 The Canberra Times Canberra Greyhound Racing Club to fight industry ban

23/5/2017 Riot ACT ACT to ban greyhound racing from mid-2018

23/6/2017 The Australian ACT to ban greyhound racing by end of June 2018

23/6/2017 The Canberra Times ACT government to ban greyhound racing in Canberra by end of June 2018

23/6/2017 Australia Racing Greyhound GREYHOUND RACING TO BE BANNED IN ACT FROM THE END OF JUNE 2018


23/6/2017 ABC News Greyhound racing to be banned in Canberra despite NSW backflip, no evidence of live baiting


20/6/2017 Herald Sun Greyhound racing welfare changes anger owners, breeders

19/6/2017 The Weekly Times Greyhound racing in Victoria under threat

6/5/2017 thedogs.com.au Next Step To Deliver Greyhound Reforms


5/5/2017 The Northern Star Jobs advertised to lead greyhound reform

5/5/2017 9News.com.au NSW greyhound commission applications open


11/4/2017 Macleay Argus Greyhound industry reforms

28/3/2017 Sydney Morning Herald The $41 million bill for Mike Baird’s greyhound backdown

28/3/2017 Daily Examiner Government to adopt greyhound industry reforms

28/3/2017 news.com.au $41m reform to replace NSW greyhounds ban

28/3/2017 Daily Telegraph The State Government plans to spend $41m to reform the greyhound industry

27/3/2017 ABC Greyhound industry to receive $40 million from NSW Government for industry reform

17/2/2017 Goulburn Post NSW Government’s greyhound racing reforms

17/2/2017 Central Western Daily Reform panel another way to squeeze us out: greyhound trainer

16/2/2017 NSW Department of Justice, Office of Racing Greyhound Industry Reform Panel

16/2/2017 NSW Govt website Greyhound Reform Panel report released

16/2/2017 TheDogs.com.au Recommendations To Reform NSW Greyhound Racing

16/2/2017 news.com.au Funding fight looms in greyhound shake-up

16/2/2017 Young Witness Tougher penalties and integrity body proposed to reform greyhound racing

16/2/2017Daily Telegraph Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission will help clean up the sport

16/2/2017 Daily Telegraph Horse racing boss slams reforms aimed at giving money to greyhounds

16/2/2017 ABC News NSW greyhound industry to pay for new Commission for Integrity and Welfare

15/2/2017 Brisbane Times Greyhound regulator can’t rule out continued live baiting

15/2/2017 SMH New integrity body set to oversee NSW greyhound racing

23/1/2017 news.com.au Gladys Berejiklian to become NSW Premier

23/1/2017 ABC Online Gladys Berejiklian to be Premier of New South Wales, replacing Mike Baird

21/1/2017 Perth Now Mike Baird in good spirits following resignation announcement

22/11/2016 Sydney Morning Herald Philip Donato of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party wins Orange byelection

18/11/2016 The Recorder Brenton Scott Speaks With The Recorder

18/11/2016 Herald Sun John Barilaro under pressure to promote greyhound ‘hero’ Katrina Hodgkinson to Cabinet

16/11/2016 The Land Troy Grant resignation a warning to others, says greyhound industry’s Geoff Rose

15/11/2016 Daily Telegraph John Barilaro elected unopposed as leader of the National party

15/11/2016 SMH Troy Grant’s downfall is an opportunity for Mike Baird

14/11/2016 Central Western Daily Nationals MP Troy Grant resigns leadership after Orange byelection swing

28/10/2016 Central Western Daily $50,000 raised in support of greyhounds

27/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Premier avoids Orange as greyhound debacle bites

23/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound racing ban: Mike Baird’s greyhound ban backflip still fails to deliver votes for Coalition

23/10/2016 Financial Review Mike Baird nearly quit over greyhounds, so how long will he stay?

18/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Local greyhound trainers and owners over the moon as NSW ban is overturned

18/10/2016 9News Mike Baird on his greyhound ban backflip and the strain it placed on his family

17/10/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Borsak says greyhound prohibition bill should be repealed now

17/10/2016 SMH Five greyhounds killed since Mike Baird’s racing ban reversal

17/10/2016 Chinchilla News Local tracks expected to survive the greyhound sell-off

15/10/2016 The Daily Telegraph Dr Anne Fawcett: Many greyhounds need rehabilitation before they can be rehomed and sadly some can’t be pets

15/10/2016 The Age Mike Baird, the Premier who fell to Earth

15/10/2016 The Guardian The premier, the shock-jock, and the dogs: Baird lands awkwardly after his backflip

15/10/2016 Newcastle Herald Greyhound backflip could finish Baird’s political run

15/10/2016 The Daily Telegraph How Teflon Mike went full circle with greyhounds

15/10/2016 SMH Baird government and industry at loggerheads over greyhound reform plan

15/10/2016 ABC The lucky ones

14/10/2016 Tumut and Adelong Times Hounded by opposition, Baird backflips

14/10/2016 The Daily Telegraph Premier Baird took advice from political veteran John Howard over greyhound backflip

14/10/2016 Tumut and Adelong Times Back-flipper Baird makes a giant splash

13/10/2016 SMH Mike Baird’s greyhound backdown shows it’s business as usual in NSW

13/10/2016 The Australian Morris Iemma cracks whip on greyhound racing reform

12/10/2016 Huffington Post/ Luke Foley Baird’s Backflip Was More About Votes Than Dogs

12/10/2016 ABC Greyhound industry relieved with Baird’s ban reversal, Animals Australia promises not to give up

12/10/2016 ABC NSW greyhound ban reversal: Regional dog community reacts to Mike Baird’s backflip

12/10/2016 Illawarra Mercury Mike Baird’s greyhound backdown shows it’s business as usual in NSW

11/10/2016 The Daily Advertiser Wagga greyhound industry celebrates as ban threat removed

11/10/2016 SMH Mike Baird’s NSW greyhound racing ban backdown confirmed after cabinet meeting

11/10/2016 2GB The greyhound ban has officially been reversed

11/10/2016 SkyNews ‘We got it wrong’ says Baird on greyhound ban

10/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Mike Baird to announce reversal based on industry guarantees to end dog slaughter

10/10/2016 The Guardian – Kristina Keneally Mike Baird, greyhounds, and acrobatics: here’s how you do a political backflip

10/10/2016 Canberra Times Barr says NSW greyhound ban backflip would be ‘disappointing’

10/10/2016 The Age Greyhound backlash misses the point: horrific cruelty means a ban is the only choice

10/10/2016 SMH ‘Not who we thought he was’: Mike Baird slammed over greyhounds back-down

10/10/2016 ABC News Will the greyhound ban backflip be Mike Baird’s Kevin Rudd moment?

10/10/2016 news.com.au NSW Premier Mike Baird tipped to reverse greyhound ban — but could the backflip work out in his favour?

10/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Mike Baird to announce reversal based on industry guarantees to end dog slaughter

8/10/2016 ABC News Greyhound racing: More than 60pc of people in NSW and ACT support ban, RSPCA says

7/10/2016 The Australian NSW Nationals hunt for candidate to topple Troy Grant

6/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Political timebomb: Baird’s greyhound ban backlash

6/10/2016 SkyNews ‘Honest people are on the scrapheap’: Jones

5/10/2016 SMH Banning greyhound racing is a part of the war on Sydney’s working class

5/10/2016 SMH Federal Nationals say greyhound ban is hurting support for the Turnbull government

2/10/2016 The Sunday Mail Greyhound owners and trainers are heading north to escape Mike Baird’s NSW

1/10/2016 Central Western Daily Owner-breeder protests greyhound racing ban

1/10/2016 The Australian Mike Baird — Mr Popularity’s days in the doghouse

1/10/2016 Huffington Post Mike Baird’s Shine Is Looking Grey, Hounded Over Racing Ban

1/10/2016 Daily Telegraph The People vs Mike Baird: Tim Blair discusses what’s happened to our Premier

30/9/2016 The Australian Mike Baird offers hope on greyhound racing ban

30/9/2016 Daily Telegraph, Ray Hadley Newspoll knows bad news Baird is on the nose

30/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Mike Baird’s neighbour is a greyhound trainer who tells Premier what he thinks of ban

29/9/2016 SMH Can Mike Baird’s brand be rehabilitated?


29/9/2016 The Australian Campaign to put Nationals last over greyhounds ban

29/9/2016 ABC Nick Grimm (RADIO) NSW Deputy Premier plays down likelihood of voter backlash over state’s controversial greyhound ban

29/9/2016 The Australian Newspoll: Dogs ban sends Mike Baird ratings into freefall

29/9/2016 Daily Mail Gone to the dogs! Mike Baird becomes one of Australia’s least popular leaders over ‘nanny state’ laws banning greyhound racing and drinking lockouts

29/9/2016 9news Baird says popularity hit part of the job

29/9/2016 news.com.au Dogs ban whacks NSW Premier Mike Baird’s popularity

29/9/2016 SMH Mike Baird declares greyhound industry shutdown date ‘locked in’

29/9/2016 The Guardian NSW premier Mike Baird’s popularity plummets in poll after greyhound ban

29/9/2016 The Australian Voters united on greyhounds ‘hasty’ decision by Mike Baird

29/9/2016 ABC NSW Greyhound trainers and owners to challenge shutdown of their industry

28/9/2016 Daily Telegraph NSW greyhound ban: Barnaby Joyce told Troy Grant the idea was a dog

28/9/2016 news.com.au One-on-one better than megaphone: Gay

27/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Nationals in revolt as ministers ramp up pressure on Baird

27/9/2016 ABC Ditch greyhound ban or we’ll replace you, Nationals tell their leader

25/9/2016 SMH Stay strong, Mike Baird: banning greyhound racing is the right thing to do

24/9/2016 Weekend Australian Nationals MP calls for greyhound bill to be kept on leash

23/9/2016 Central Western Daily Million-dollar insult: owner of champion dog outraged by $1500 proposal

23/9/2016 The Australian Nationals MPs pressure Mike Baird over NSW greyhounds ban

23/9/2016 The Guardian Mike Baird urged to dump greyhound ban after leaked email says byelection ‘unwinnable’

23/9/2016 News.com Pressure on to dump NSW greyhounds ban

23/9/2016 ABC News NSW greyhound ban will make Government ‘unelectable’, Nationals MP warns

23/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Compensation payouts for dog owners, extension of ban as far out as 2020

22/9/2016 The Daily Advertiser Wagga greyhound industry to fight ban in Orange

22/9/2016 SMH Mike Baird at the crossroads over greyhounds axis of anger

22/9/2016 AdelaideNow David Penberthy: Greyhound racing industry deserves a chance in SA, but must stop destroying dogs

22/9/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Labor MP Ryan Park heads to Dapto for Group 1 Megastar night

22/9/2016 Chinchilla News Baird dogged by fears greyhound ban will cost Nationals seat

22/9/2016 Sky News NSW greyhound industry lost balloon: Joyce

22/9/2016 SMH Nationals MP warns Mike Baird government ‘unelectable’ over greyhound ban

22/9/2016 The Australian Troy Grant defends greyhounds ban to Nationals

22/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Mike Baird could be open to a reversal on his controversial decision

21/9/2016 Nine News NSW Premier Mike Baird considering softening greyhound policy

21/9/2016 Yass Tribune Katrina Hodgkinson MP honoured by greyhound dog race

21/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Hounded down: Will Mike Baird reverse the greyhound ban?

21/9/2016 2GB Ray Hadley (RADIO)  Baird: Vote of no confidence

21/9/2016 The Australian Mike Baird’s greyhound ban ‘invalid in entirety’, alliance tells court

21/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Blacktown couple adopt Kya through Greyhounds As Pets and encourage others to do the same

20/9/2016 Channel Ten News VIDEO Greyhound Industry takes fight

20/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Baird in big trouble as by-election looms in Orange

20/9/2016 Illawarra Mercury New challenge could give racing a lifeline

20/9/2016 SBS Federal Court challenge to greyhound ban

20/9/2016 Coffs Harbour Advocate Greyhound ban leaves 19,000 dogs without homes

20/9/2019 The Australian Baird’s office denies secret meeting over Wentworth Park property deal

20/9/2016 The Australian NSW greyhound industry’s peak body launches Federal Court proceedings

20/9/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound NSW greyhound industry to fight ban in Federal Court

20/9/2016 SkyNews Greyhound industry launches legal challenge

20/9/2016 Seven News Federal Court challenge to greyhound ban

20/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Deputy Premier Troy Grant said to have told colleagues he’d resign as Nationals leader if he loses Orange by-election

20/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: People forced to sell everything they own, destroying their lives, says trainer Bill Bright

20/9/2016 The Australian Baird’s ban on greyhounds at risk of constitutional challenge

19/9/2016 ABC News Greyhound racing ban taskforce interim report suggests 19,000 dogs may need rehoming

19/9/2016 SkyNews NSW ‘underestimated’ greyhound numbers

19/9/2016 Northern Daily Leader New England greyhounds need a home

19/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: 19,000 dogs will needs rehoming, leaked report reveals

18/9/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Greyhound training and breeding could be allowed in NSW after ban

18/9/2016 SMH Greyhound training to continue to 2022

17/9/2016 Daily Examiner Lili living the dream with her pet greyhound Holly

17/9/2016 SMH Thousands join quest to find new homes for unwanted pets

16/9/2016 The Australian Today in NSW: Liberal Party presidency; Baird’s greyhound backflip

15/9/2016 Coast Community News Crouch Stands By Greyhound Racing Ban

15/9/2016 Express Tribune Doggone days for Australian greyhound racing

15/9/2016 Wollondilly Advertiser NSW greyhound racing ban not a done deal says local trainer

15/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Orange by-election: Nationals struggle to hold safe seat as greyhound ban bites

15/9/2016 Seven News Doggone days for Australian greyhound racing

14/9/2016 news.com.au NSW Premier Mike Baird says jibes such as ‘Casino Mike’ hurt, have a personal impact

14/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Owners and trainers hit back at claims many of them are illiterate

14/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: The decision that’s slowly killing the Baird government

13/9/2016 Seven News Insulting Baird government email deems greyhound owners ‘largely illiterate’

13/9/2016 Central Western Daily Greyhound racing ban: retain or repeal?

13/9/2016 Herald Sun Premier Mike Baird licking his wounds after a ‘disaster’ of an election for the Liberals in NSW

13/9/2016 2UE Premier Mike Baird answers the tough questions on 2UE Breakfast

13/9/2016 The Roar The blatant falsehood in the NSW Government’s greyhound ads

13/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Baird Justice Department brief claims dog owners are largely illiterate

12/9/2016 2GB Ray Hadley Highlights Sept 12

12/9/2016 NBN News Angry reception greets greyhound taskforce

12/9/2016 SMH Mike Baird brushes aside council backlash as Liberal lose seats across Sydney

12/9/2016 SMH Baird government used greyhound kill claims to fast track advertising blitz

12/9/2016 The Australian Activists set sights on southern greyhounds

11/9/2016 Sky News Greyhound ban bites NSW Liberals: Joyce

11/9/2016 Western Advocate Bathurst’s greyhound industry hopeful ban will be overturned

11/9/2016 SMH Barnaby Joyce blames Mike Baird’s greyhound ban for local election results

11/9/2016 SMH Backlash for Baird in council votes in western Sydney and regional NSW

11/9/2016 The Australian Barnaby Joyce blames greyhound backlash for poor Liberal council polls

11/9/2016 news.com.au (VIDEO) Greyhound ban bites NSW Liberals

11/9/2016 SMH ‘Shocking’: Greyhounds suffocated, hearts removed, revived and killed second time

11/9/2016 Herald Sun Prison pet program giving inmates and greyhounds a second chance

10/9/2016 SMH Greyhound trainers chasing what could be final Canberra Cup

7/9/2016 Daily Liberal Anger at race-ban meeting

7/9/2016 Western Advocate Caterers forced into job search

7/9/2016 Western Advocate Greyhounds Transition Taskforce visits Bathurst

7/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Grassroots Nationals to move against greyhound racing ban in NSW

7/9/2016 The Australian Troy Grant faces dissent motion for backing greyhounds ban

7/9/2016 Courier Mail Disgraced greyhound trainer Tom Noble gets suspended jail sentence

6/9/2016 VIC BGOTA GOTBA Responds to GRNSW CEO Paul Newson

6/9/2016 The Land Animal Justice MP says feral cats deserve equal consideration to threatened native wildlife

6/9/2016 ABC Online Greyhound live baiting: Former trainer Tom Noble receives suspended jail sentence

6/9/2016 news.com.au Greyhound trainer Tom Noble avoids jail over live baiting

5/9/2016 Central Western Daily Luke Foley renews pledge to overturn greyhound ban

5/9/2016 Daily Telegraph City of Sydney council elections: Labor council preference payback for Liberal Party over greyhound ban

5/9/2016 SMH NSW Greyhound racing clubs take steps to survive Mike Baird’s industry ban

5/9/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound New Administrator appointed for GRNSW shutdown

5/9/2016 Chinchilla News Greyhound Racing NSW administrator to oversee ban

5/9/2016 thedogs.com.au Administrator Appointed For GRNSW

5/9/2016 Sky News NSW man avoids jail over greyhound threats

4/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Fears rural history will torn down as cashed-up developers circle million dollar dog track sites

3/9/2016 SBS News NSW greyhounds board administrator chosen

2/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: They make “placid and affectionate” pets

2/9/2016 The Australian Greyhound racing ban a troubling trend in trampling property rights

2/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Baird admits 1000 jobs to go, but says compo package will be ‘generous’

2/9/2016 Wauchope Gazette Reform packages available to racing industry

1/9/2016 Parkes Champion-Post Cabonne Amalgamation No Thank You chairman Jock Haynes speaks out against MPs losing roles

1/9/2016 Daily Telegraph NSW Budget Estimates: Deputy Premier Troy Grant to cop grilling

1/9/2016 Daily Telegraph NSW Budget Estimates: Premier Mike Baird talks greyhound ban

1/9/2016 The Land Animal Justice MP Mark Pearson says farming is ‘on trial’ after greyhounds ban

31/8/2016 Daily Liberal Opinion: Warning is there. Change or be challenged 

31/8/2016 Hawkesbury Gazette Barry Calvert wants Hawkesbury businesses to receive greyhound compensation

31/8/2016 Farm Weekly NSW Nats blasted for betraying heartland voters on greyhound ban

30/8/2016 Daily Liberal No answers yet

30/8/2016 News of the Area Greyhound racing ban leaves Myall Coast owners devastated

30/8/2016 The Australian No flats on Wentworth Park after dogs leave, Niall Blair vows

30/8/2016 Illawarra Mercury Clubs vow to continue fighting against ban

29/8/2016 The Dogs Greyhound Industry Stakeholder Survey

29/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Race meetings slashed at Potts Park Greyhounds Racing Club Yagoona in advance of sport ban

29/8/2016 The Guardian Wentworth Park to stay in public hands after greyhound racing ban

29/8/2016 Courier Mail Judge throws out cruelty case after finding video footage inadmissable

28/8/2016 Daily Mail Many greyhounds in need of a pack after Baird decision

28/8/2016 Canberra Times RSPCA ACT prepares for influx of greyhounds post racing ban

26/8/2016 ABC Nationals Katrina Hodgkinson, Chris Gulaptis dumped after voting against ban

26/8/2016 news.com.au Dissident greyhound MPs demoted

26/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Premier’s popularity has gone completely to the dogs

26/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Nationals MPs Katrina Hodgkinson and Chris Gulaptis dumped after greyhound revolt

26/8/2016 Nine News.com.au PM not a fan of NSW dogs race ban: report

26/8/2016 Daily Telegraph NSW reaps millions in race tax despite ban coming into effect

26/8/2016 Coast Community News Ban Could Cost Central Coast Economy $79 Million Pa

26/8/2016 The Australian Turnbull slams Baird ban on greyhound racing

25/8/2016 Northern Star Why Lismore MP Thomas George backs greyhound ban

25/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Racing ban leaves future of Gosford showground in doubt and fears jobs lost

25/8/2016 The Australian What’s next, Premier? Greyhound racing ban to unleash activists

25/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound racers head interstate after dogs ban passed

25/8/2016 Sky News Greyhound industry reeling over ban

25/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Mike Baird dares to make the Coalition pay as voters head to the polls

25/8/2016 Guardian News Dogged decision: MP’s moral tussle over greyhound vote

25/8/2016 ABC News Tasmanian Lower House shuts down Greens bid to end the industry

24/8/2016 ABC Online NSW Premier Mike Baird defiant in wake of greyhound racing ban

24/8/2016 Ten Eyewitness News Industry in turmoil

24/8/2016 Hawkesbury Gazette Richmond Race Club considers options in light of industry ban

24/8/2016 The Guardian Greyhound named after Mike Baird needs new home after racing banned

24/8/2016 Betting Site Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party filthy over NSW greyhound ban

24/8/2016 2SER NSW Parliament Passes Greyhound Racing Ban

24/8/2016 Western Advocate Paul Toole says he knows greyhound racing ban will hurt

24/8/2016 Bangkok Post Uproar as Australian state bans greyhound racing

24/8/2016 Bega District News Dogs gone: Illawarra Labor MPs slam ‘clickbait ban’

24/8/2016 Time Out It’s official! NSW Parliament ban greyhound racing over night

24/8/2016 Central Western Daily Parliament passes legislation to ban greyhound racing

24/8/2016 ABC Online NSW greyhound industry determined to fight shut down after final vote

24/8/2016 NineMSN Community devastated by NSW greyhound ban

24/8/2016 news.com.au NSW greyhound problems not in Tas: CEO

24/8/2016 Canberra Times ACT greyhound racing club again told it has ‘no future’ after NSW ban passes

24/8/2016 ABC News Greyhound racing ban: Deputy Premier Troy Grant ‘proud’ of MPs who crossed

24/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound racing ban: Baird backs ‘right thing’ in closing racing

24/8/2016 news.com.au NSW makes history with greyhounds ban

24/8/2016 ABC News Greyhound trainers ‘devastated’ by racing ban legislation, vow to keep fighting

24/8/2016 Seven News NSW greyhound bill passes parliament

24/8/2016 The Australian Greyhound racing ban passed by NSW parliament

24/8/2016 SMH Greyhound racing banned after bill passes NSW parliament

24/8/2016 NineMSN NSW greyhound bill passes parliament

24/8/2016 Sky News NSW parliament passes greyhounds ban

24/8/2016  ABC News Greyhound racing ban: Nationals MPs cross floor as bill passes Parliament

24/8/2016 Manning River Times Greyhound racing ban confirmed by State government

24/8/2016 Coast Community News MacDonald And Crouch Both To Vote To Ban Greyhound Racing

23/8/2016 The Australian End of state greyhound industry near as Greens urge national ban

23/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Mike Baird facing rebellion as MPs crossing the floor over his greyhound ban

23/8/2016 Sky News Greyhound racing debate rages in parliament

23/8/2016 ABC News NSW greyhound racing ban advertisements cost taxpayers $1 million

23/8/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Munro believes a win in by-election could save greyhounds

23/8/2016 SBS News Debate launched over NSW greyhounds bill

23/8/2016 Sky News NSW Greyhound racing ban reaches final hurdle

22/8/2016 Glen Innes Examiner Marshall says not banning other industries

22/8/2016 The Northern Daily Leader Greyhound industry slams National MPs for lack of support

20/8/2016 Sky News NSW MP to cross floor over greyhound ban

19/8/2016 Newcastle Herald Greyhound breeding ban is Baird’s call

18/8/2016 AFR Ricky Ponting goes quiet on greyhound defence

18/8/2016 Mercury News ‘Dead’ greyhound Wee Fire named in Tasmanian Greens list is living happily in retirement

17/8/2016 ABC News Greyhound racing: Regional NSW trainers join together to fight ban

17/8/2016 Sporting News Ricky Ponting goes into bat for greyhound industry

16/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Actor Sam Neill slams the ‘deeply regrettable’ move as ‘sucking the life out of Sydney’

15/8/2016 SMH Australia’s biggest greyhound racing owner-breeder Paul Wheeler to walk away from industry

15/8/2016 The Daily Examiner Greyhound racing ban a ‘dagger to the heart’

11/8/2016 ABC Online Greyhound racing ban: New South Wales Upper House passes bill

10/8/2016 Seven News Greyhound bill pushed through parliament

10/8/2016 The Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: Baird pushes on despite claims key report overestimates number of dogs being killed

9/8/2016 Courier Mail Baird’s blanket greyhound ban is democracy gone to the dogs

9/8/2016 ABC Online Greyhound racing ban: Inquiry report contained factual errors, court hears

5/8/2016 ABC News Foster carers needed to help greyhounds transition from tracks to homes

4/8/2016 Namoi Valley Independent Gunnedah greyhound trainers join the crowds to rally against the industry shutdown ban.

4/8/2016 The Land Menagerie of animal protests

2/8/2016 Illawarra Mercury Greyhound ban: 35,000-strong petition presented to Foley

2/8/2016 Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser Wagga Greyhound Racing Club racing manager protests in Sydney

2/8/2016 Coffs Coast Advocate Passions flare as greyhound trainers march on parliament

2/8/2016 Daily Telegraph Australia Luke Foley says ban on greyhound industry is nothing more than a ‘mass slaughter’

2/8/2016 Sydney Morning Herald Canberrans to join Sydney rally against greyhound racing ban to expose alleged errors in McHugh report

2/8/2016 Channel 9 The NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance rally was feature on channel 9.

27/7/2016 News Local Local greyhound trainers, owners say don’t punish the whole industry for the faults of a few

26/7/2016 Newcastle Herald Wallsend Labor MP Sonia Hornery’s petition set to trigger parliamentary debate on Mike Baird’s greyhound racing ban

26/7/2016 Central Western Daily Nationals’ Scott Barrett projected to win with other candidates facing impossible odds

26/7/2016 The Australian Secret figures claim real dog wastage fraction of McHugh Report

25/7/2016 The Maitland Mercury Ban will lead to showgrounds demise 

25/7/2016 Western Advocate Just how locked down are the lockout laws

25/7/2016 Camden Haven Courier Greyhound meeting cancelled

25/7/2016 Newcastle Herald Letters to the Editor

22/7/2016 ABC News Greyhound Racing ban could cost NSW $4b

21/7/2016 ABC The World Today NSW greyhound racing industry hands Premier rebuttal

21/7/2016 Australian Greyhound Racing Prest says non-TAB greyhound ban is ‘cutting our throats’

21/7/2016 Coast Community News Gosford Greyhound Racing to Fight Government Ban

21/7/2016 SMH Mike Baird’s popularity might be his undoing

21/7/2016 Lithgow Mercury Greyhound Racing/Lithgow Dog Track

21/7/2016 SBS The greyhound racing industry has attacked the report that sparked the sport’s ban in NSW, saying its findings are biased and flawed

20/7/2016 News Local Have your say on the Greyhound racing ban

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