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Thousands of people across NSW have been devastated by the ban impact on greyhound racing in NSW. Please donate to our campaign. Your contribution will make a difference. Donate now.

As of October, 2016 the total tally for all donations (through the website and other deposits) have been $571,461.

This has contributed to our fierce fight against the ban and for ongoing work to continue industry reform. To view our acknowledgements of donations, please click here.

In order to ensure appropriate safe guards, the fund has been developed as a Trust Fund, with supporting documentation; a Trust Deed. This documentation outlines criteria for the winding up of the Trust; both where the industry continues or if it does not continue.

Additionally, the Deed sets out clear parameters on the use of funds raised, which include a range of actions undertaken to date, such as legal advice and actions, political lobbying and engagement, advertising and public relation needs.

Those who would like further information on these details can contact us here, or email or call (02) 8587 1210.

The website donation functionality is set up for credit card payment, which will generate a receipt for those donating.

Those who do not have credit card facilities though still wish to donate, can do so via a direct donation into the Trust bank account. We ask that your full name is placed as reference to the deposit so guidelines of the Trust Deed can be met. Those requiring a receipt can also contact us via here, or emailing or call (02) 8587 1210 and this will be coordinated.

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